Coconut Grove Acupuncture Has Provided Helpful Treatments for Over Two Decades

Acupuncture Coconut Grove FloridaAs a helpful adjunct and alternative treatment for many types of pain and many chronic medical conditions, the acupuncture Coconut Grove residents have found has turned out to be exactly the solution they’ve needed. Residents find these helpful services through Classical Herbs and Acupuncture of Miami, Florida. Since 1994, Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree holder and proprietor of Classical Herbs and Acupuncture Carolyn Cook has been the provider of beneficial acupuncture treatments for thousands of people.

The greatest reward experienced by medical providers, whether their specialty is in traditional or in non-traditional, classical Chinese medicine, is knowing that people are truly helped by treatments. When happy clients who have experienced the beneficial Coconut Grove acupuncture offered through Classical Herbs and Acupuncture refer their friends and family for treatment, the rewards are multiplied. It’s heartwarming to see someone who was once in chronic pain being able to move more freely in a pain-free or more comfortable way!

Conditions Potentially Improved by the Acupuncture Treatment Coconut Grove Trusts

Coconut Grove Acupuncture and HerbsAcupuncture has been used for over 2,500 years, with the earliest instances going back to ancient China. Professional practitioners of this ancient art are well-versed in all the nuances of the best ways to deliver acupuncture treatments to treat known pathways throughout the body that contribute to overall better health and well-being. The human body has a force within it known as Chi or Qi. When the flow of this force is interrupted, patients can experience illness, uncomfortable symptoms, chronic pain and fatigue.

Restoring this important Chi force to a working state restores the body’s ability to heal. The immune system is boosted, along with a beneficial release of pain relieving endorphins. Some of the best known conditions acupuncture has been known to help include:

  • Chronic Fatigue – Whether fatigue is a main symptom or a by-product of another medical condition, that overwhelming feeling of always being tired eventually has negative effects on the immune system.
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks – When a patient is under constant feelings of anxiety, along with experiencing stress that is environmental, emotional, mental or physical, the body is apt to suffer ill effects. Restoring the body to a more relaxed state is one of the most well-known benefits of acupuncture.
  • Persistent Headaches – If you’ve ever had or known someone with chronic headaches, whether they’re mild or severe, you know the negative effects headaches have on all other aspects of life. Any joy that might have been experienced from life is suddenly under a cloak of pain and negativity. The role of acupuncture is to relieve headaches and restore the mind to a more positive state.
  • High Blood Pressure – This can go hand in hand with anxiety and stress, but sometimes high blood pressure is also a result of genetics. Untreated high blood pressure can lead to heart attack or stroke, so it’s critical to bring the blood pressure back down to acceptable levels quickly to minimize damage.
  • Body Pain and Aches – Pain can include specific areas like the neck, legs, back, shoulders and joints, or it can be a more generalized feeling of constant discomfort experienced by sufferers of conditions like Fibromyalgia. Along with pain can come anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness. When acupuncture is successful in alleviating some or all of the pain, sufferers are relieved.
  • Systemic Conditions like Diabetes – While acupuncture is not a cure, it can help alleviate problems suffered by diabetics like diabetic neuropathy pain. Proper placement of the needles used in acupuncture can also help lower blood sugar and improve the patient’s circulation.

What to Expect When Visiting the Acupuncture Clinic Coconut Grove Turns to for Help

Coconut Grove Acupuncture for HeadachesYou’ve done research and decided that you’re going to take the leap to experience the best acupuncture Coconut Grove residents have trusted for over 20 years for relief. You’ve set aside a time to visit Classical Herbs and Acupuncture in Miami, Florida and you know that you’ve made a smart decision. What does a visit to a professional acupuncturist entail? Normally you’ll be asked to fill out critical paperwork as a first step. This lets your acupuncture specialist know your medical history. They’ll look for information about when your symptoms started, life experiences leading up to your symptoms and other methods you’ve tried for symptom or pain relief.

Things they’re looking for can include previous surgeries, prescription drugs you’ve tried and visits to other physicians. The Coconut Grove acupuncture experience begins by using small, medical caliber needles that are strategically placed on specific points on your body. Needles can be gently manipulated or have soft electrical pulses going through them. Within an hour needles are gently removed, after you’ve relaxed in a quiet room.

Life Improvement is Close at Hand

Patients usually want to know whether acupuncture is painful and the answer is that it is not. Most people feel a sense a well-being, even euphoria after treatment, letting them know it’s been successful. Muscles relax, blood flow is improved, endorphins are released and even factors like inflammation are improved.

Digestion may be enhanced and even hormonal imbalances can be shifted. The acupuncture Coconut Grove has come to trust for symptom relief is available with a phone call or a few clicks. Life improvement can be as close as your expert acupuncture provider in Miami.

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