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Massage by Licensed Massage Therapist Carolyn Cook

Massage, both art and science, is healing, nurturing and comforting and a wonderful addition to any form of acupuncture practice. Its roots are as ancient as acupuncture. One of the oldest known books on massage was written in China approximately 3000 BC.

My primary use of massage is for rehabilitation of acute and chronic cases. I have had wonderful success using massage both pre and post-surgically including plastic surgery. Research has demonstrated its ability to reduce inflammation, adhesions and scarring and to create an optimum internal healing environment by reducing stress hormones. Massage has also provided me with a valuable tool when treating patients with herniated discs, athletic injuries or any variety of trauma. It has eased their pain levels, improved their outlook and allowed them to return more quickly to a normal lifestyle.

Pregnancy Massage

Of particular importance to me in my infertility practice is the enormous support massage offers a woman once she becomes pregnant. The lubrication nourishes and supports the elasticity of the skin helping to reduce stretch marks. I use local applications of massage to reduce fluid retention, leg and back pain and ease labor. But one of the most important effects of pregnancy massage is the reduction of cortisol an anxiety and depression-related stress hormone that can have a negative impact on fetal development. Massage has been clinically proven to be extremely effective in reducing stress and elevated cortisol levels by providing a nurturing and skilled touch in a safe and comforting environment.

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