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I’m glad I took the chance. I’m glad I trusted Carolyn and my gut

Miami HerbsI’m glad I took the chance. I’m glad I trusted Carolyn and my gut
23 January 2018

When my son was 3 1/2 months old he developed a rash that I thought was eczema. I tried absolutely EVERYTHING to help it but it got worse and worse as time went on. I made a couple of visits to the DR and he told me that sometimes infants have skin issues but eventually he’d grow out of it. My brother was also very sensitive when he was younger so everyone just assumed it was something my son inherited. The rash got so bad that my son couldn’t help but claw at his face, body, and head. He drew blood, he cried, I cried…it was terrible. I went back to the DR again and as I walked through the waiting room people were gasping because of how irritated he was. I felt awful. When the DR walked in he said the next step would be to prescribe a steroid and to only use it for flare ups. Even though I was reluctant to use it because of the side effects, I did and he cleared up within a few hours. It was a temporary solution to a problem that wasn’t so temporary…The rash came back.

My mother has been a patient of Carolyn’s for years and when she was asking about the baby and I, my mom was telling her about all of his issues. She asked several questions about my pregnancy and my delivery and said she could help. My mother called me the minute she left the office and I called Carolyn the same day.

She evaluated my son and I, and started us on a round of herbs. He’s breastfed so it would take some time but he would receive the herbs through my milk. I started the herbs that day and hoped for the best. It didn’t happen right away but there was a ton of improvement within the first couple of weeks, maybe even week. We continued with the herbs for a few months and I’m happy to say that my sons skin is completely healed. No more cradle cap, no more skin irritations, no more scratching…nothing. I did tell my pediatrician at our 6 month appointment what I was doing and he told me “most of the world practices that type of medicine, so I’m not going to tell you not to.”

I’m glad I took the chance. I’m glad I trusted Carolyn and my gut. I’m most glad that I didn’t solve the issue with chemicals that had terrible side effects. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone and everyone.