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In 2010 I was diagnosed with Bilateral Meniere’s Disease which consists of daily migraines, vertigo, visual disturbances and more. I was unable to work, drive, or function even in my own home. Dr. started me on HCTZ and also did an MRI to make sure there was nothing else going on in my brain, as well as scheduled me with a Neurologist. In June of 2009 my husband had been on a mission trip and met a woman that through holistic medicine had prevented herself from having to have a heart transplant. So in Nov of 2010 we left my Duke Dr. appointment who gave me little hope and only switched around more drugs, & my husband made a phone call & we went to see a holistic Dr. This Dr. explained to me and my husband the importance of my dietary changes and started me on a Nutritional shake as well as an organic drink for dehydration.

In 2011 while having a conversation with my Meniere’s Dr I explained to him that it felt like the top of my head was going to blow off. So he recommend a spinal tap to see what my spinal pressure was. It was 10, needed to be around 14-17 according to Dr who did the spinal tap. So they set up a milligram. They found 5 holes in my spinal cord which they patched and Dura Diverticula on the top on of my spinal cord. They covered those to attempt to stop them from growing & I and stayed in the worse pain of my life for weeks. I could not move, I could not eat and if I attempted to, I lost it. My spinal fluid was so high that I could not even sit up because the pressure hurt so badly. My husband called the Dr that did the procedure every single day and they keep increasing the medication. Finally after 3 weeks of torment it broke and I was better and a lot better.

I went back to see my Meniere’s Dr as a follow up and he changed my medication realizing that I have too much fluid on my brain. The drug was too strong and sent me into Metabolic Acidosis. After recovering from this episode and of course another spinal tap to check my pressure and seeing that it was still too high. So my Meniere’s Dr. had a suggestion of a Mastoidectomy that should allow some relief from the pressure, ringing in the ears, migraines, etc. we agreed and in July 2012 he performed surgery which included removing part of my skull.

My migraines were raging out of control still so my Neurologist recommended 2 things. The first one, a DHE infusion & the 2nd Botox injections. I agreed to the infusions and we started those every 30 days. Things were so bad they put me in the hospital and gave me the infusions every 4 hours around the clock for 5 days. Again lots of blown IVs and swollen arms. As well as one night my blood pressure was 57/39. Drs and nurses in my room all night and they still insisted on finishing the rounds of infusions. It took some time but I finally agreed to start the 31 Botox injections per session every 90 days. They felt like 31 wasp had attacked and would not let go.

I was miserable and I was not improving. Then we found Classical Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture. After just a few short days I started seeing results such as lessening of the ringing in my ears & my migraines even became not so intense. However I was still taking large quantities of medications and unfortunately like most of the USA we trust our Drs way too much. I can honestly say Carolyn at Classical Herbs & Acupuncture has done more for me than all the Drs I have ever been too. With Carolyn’s help I have come off of over 20+ prescriptions. Carolyn has studied all over the world and knows more about Chinese Medicine than anyone I have ever talked to. I am forever grateful, because all the trauma I was put through was unnecessary. No matter the disease or pain you are facing before you fill your body with manufactured chemicals, You owe it to yourself to try Classical Herbs & Acupuncture, it’s the way to allow your body to heal itself right down to your DNA cells.

B Kim G.

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Acupuncture saved me multiple times when Western Medicine couldn’t make the pain go away after various traumas!I’ve encountered multiple acupuncturists in many different areas & Dr. Carolyn Cook is among the best!! Her herbal remedies are also amazing! Do your body & mind a favor & go check her out at Classical Herbs & Acupuncture! You will be glad you did!

Arren W.


When my son was 3 1/2 months old he developed a rash that I thought was eczema. I tried absolutely EVERYTHING to help it but it got worse and worse as time went on. I made a couple of visits to the DR and he told me that sometimes infants have skin issues but eventually he’d grow out of it. My brother was also very sensitive when he was younger so everyone just assumed it was something my son inherited. The rash got so bad that my son couldn’t help but claw at his face, body, and head. He drew blood, he cried, I cried…it was terrible. I went back to the DR again and as I walked through the waiting room people were gasping because of how irritated he was. I felt awful. When the DR walked in he said the next step would be to prescribe a steroid and to only use it for flare ups. Even though I was reluctant to use it because of the side effects, I did and he cleared up within a few hours. It was a temporary solution to a problem that wasn’t so temporary…The rash came back.

My mother has been a patient of Carolyn’s for years and when she was asking about the baby and I, my mom was telling her about all of his issues. She asked several questions about my pregnancy and my delivery and said she could help. My mother called me the minute she left the office and I called Carolyn the same day.

She evaluated my son and I, and started us on a round of herbs. He’s breastfed so it would take some time but he would receive the herbs through my milk. I started the herbs that day and hoped for the best. It didn’t happen right away but there was a ton of improvement within the first couple of weeks, maybe even week. We continued with the herbs for a few months and I’m happy to say that my sons skin is completely healed. No more cradle cap, no more skin irritations, no more scratching…nothing. I did tell my pediatrician at our 6 month appointment what I was doing and he told me “most of the world practices that type of medicine, so I’m not going to tell you not to.”

I’m glad I took the chance. I’m glad I trusted Carolyn and my gut. I’m most glad that I didn’t solve the issue with chemicals that had terrible side effects. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone and everyone.

Nicole O.


Carolyn Cook treated me for Sciatic nerve pain as well as scar tissue and discomfort that resulted from bunion surgery in my foot. I was so delighted with the results that I continue to see her for maintenance as well as herbal prescriptions for chronic cough and digestive problems. I’ve been to a variety of acupuncturists in the past, but was never as pleased as I’ve been with Dr. Cook who always fixes what pains or ails me. She uses the thinnest needles and latest cupping methods. I highly recommend Dr. Carolyn Cook for anyone considering acupuncture and/or herbal remedies.

Caryn B.

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Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable, kind, sensitive, and effective. I have seen a big difference since I started acupuncture and herbs with her, and I particularly like that she looks at the overall picture, and long-term goals, and doesn’t just treat short-term symptoms without exploring deeper.

Mona B.


I feel 90% better than I have in years. Dr. Cook has prescribed herbs and a full treatment plan that has really performed wonders on my entire body. The Acupuncture has been very relaxing and not all what many including myself would think. The needles or pricking is painless and she’s very experienced so don’t shy away…you can handle it. The herbal medicine was new to me, but what it has done for my intestinal issues is nothing short of a miracle. After a major surgery over 10 years ago I was left with a huge scar and and knots or hard scar tissue. I was constantly bloated and uncomfortable. Since going to Classical herbs and Accupuncture those hard places have soften and my stomach has begun to change. I feel so much better. I’m excited to see how I’ll feel by the end of the year. My changes were quick.I’ve been going since October 2015 so not even a full two months and I’m over the top!

Morgan S.


Desperate for relief from recent knee surgery, along with terrible digestion issues and lazy bladder output (but finding none from Western medicine), thought I would give acupuncture a try. I thankfully found Classical Herbs and Acupuncture’s Dr. Cook through favorable reviews in my local Miami area. Dr. Cook is very knowledgeable, has a terrific bedside manner, and is determined to obtain answers in order to provide relief. After the first treatment with acupuncture and her specially-prepared herbal medicine, I could tell we were on the right track. Relief for each ailment is being reached, pain and swelling have subsided substantially and my stomach has never felt better. Highly recommended!

Marilyn R.


I don’t know where to start with my review for Dr. Carolyn Cook and her practice. It saved my life is the simple statement. Dr. Cook has been treating me with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for 5 months now and has really helped me. I’ve seen major differences internally – i would highly recommend her to anyone.

Veronica B.


I first started seeing Carolyn 13 years ago for her expertise in classical herbs and acupuncture. I had experienced significant stomach issues for two years and after working with her my stomach issues finally ended. She is a kind, caring and competent woman who’s dedication and passion for her work are evident.

Bryanna N.

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I feel 90% better than I have in years. Dr. Cook has prescribed herbs and a full acupuncture treatment plan that has really performed wonders on my entire body. The Acupuncture has been very relaxing and not all what many including myself would think. The needles or pricking is painless and she’s very experienced so don’t shy away…you can handle it. The herbal medicine was new to me, but what it has done for my intestinal issues is nothing short of a miracle. After a major surgery over 10 years ago I was left with a huge scar and and knots or hard scar tissue. I was constantly bloated and uncomfortable. Since going to Classical herbs and Acupuncture those hard places have soften and my stomach has begun to change. I feel so much better. I’m excited to see how I’ll feel by the end of the year. My changes were quick. I’ve been going since October 2015 so not even a full two months and I’m over the top!

Morgan S.


I decided to try an alternative approach to my health after going through a third round of antibiotics to combat a recurring infection. I had heard the many benefits that Chinese medicine has in treating health issues with the use of herbs and acupuncture. I was referred to Dr. Carolyn Cook at Classical Herbs and Acupuncture in South Miami. Carolyn is a very knowledge practitioner in this area. After going over my medical history she took my pulse and recommended the treatment I needed. My infection was gone within a month of taking the herbal prescription 3 times a day combined with acupuncture sessions. This was confirmed with traditional medicine testing. My energy level is improving every day and I feel healthier than I have in many years.Amada K.


At 7 months pregnant I found myself desperate for help. After suffering (no exaggeration) for several weeks with a severe cold that lead to a sinus infection that caused my left eye to swell, I was fortunately recommended to acupuncturist & herbalist Carolyn Cook. Little did I know that her treatment would not only help with immediate relief of the sinus pressure but also eliminate my 7month streak of “morning sickness.” At my first session, as soon as the needles were inserted I could feel my sinus opening up, by the end of the hour I felt like a different person. I was seen twice a week for a couple of weeks and with each treatment I felt increasing relief. For the nausea, I was sent home with herbs, within three days my “morning sickness” had gone away. Having dealt with morning sickness for 7 months it is hard to describe the feeling of relief both physically and emotionally. I was finally able to begin to enjoy my pregnancy. The treatment starts when you enter Carolyn’s office, she is 100% focused, listens carefully to your medical history, and is fully engaged in not only assisting with the initial reason for your visit but your overall lifestyle. I cannot being to thank and recommend Carolyn Cook enough for what she has done for me. She is a true healer.

Kathleen M.


My name is Maria H. I had a severe case of acid reflux after being under the care of my gastroenterologist who treated me for several years came to the conclusion that there was nothing else he could do for me. He explained about a surgery but did not recommend it due to the bad side effects. I decided then to try alternative medicine. I visit Dr. Carolyn Cook, I explained to her all my symptoms: constant coughing to the point of vomiting, acid in my mouth, chapped lips, heart palpitations, midnight sweats, hot feet, constipation, impossibility to lay down because the acid made me cough severely, my throat was burning and it felt difficult to swallow feeling like a ball in my throat. I needed to sleep in a seated position. She studied my symptoms and took my pulse and prepared for me the magic Chinese herbal tea. I went home, prepared my tea and only from the first cup my cough almost disappeared, when I finished the first 3 bags of tea many of my symptoms disappeared or diminished, such as the coughing, palpitations, sweating, ect…. Today after only 4 visits and 4 weeks of drinking the herbal tea most of my symptoms are gone and I sleep in a flat position all night long like a healthy person….

(80 year old)


I met Carolyn about two months ago. I came to her with nodules on my thyroid (which i could feel), a shoulder injury from my yoga practice and stomach issues I have had for years. Its an interesting concept to meet someone for the first time, tell them your woes and stories and trust them on blind faith. But thats how it works. I have been to conventional doctors, chiropractors, other acupuncturists and the like… Just couldn’t seem to find any relief. After the first week of acupuncture and Chinese herbal concoctions with Carolyn, I could no longer feel the discomfort of my thyroid nodules and when I left her office each week, I felt relaxed and relieved. Im so thankful! Needless to say I became a believer. So I continued to work with her and my trust began to grow. After about 6 weeks my general mood has been lifted, my head is clear, i have more energy than i know what to do with, opportunities seem to be on every corner, my shoulder is on the mend and i have been able to enjoy a variety of foods that i have had to avoid for years. I am still a work in progress, but I am a different woman, and I’m looking forward to my appointment on monday! 🙂

Nicole T.


Dr. Carolyn Cook,When I first came to you it was because I had pulled my hamstring and was battling plantar fasciitis for a number of years. With acupuncture and massage, you helped my hamstring recover much faster than expected and got my plantar fasciitis under control. A few months later I developed a stomach ailment that I hoped would get better on its own and when it didn’t I went to a traditional doctor that thought I had parasites and treated me w antibiotics. After a week of that I still wasn’t digesting any of my food properly, had painful cramps, and was bloated. As an athlete, a private basketball coach, and personal trainer, it was very difficult to function as I was very uncomfortable. I was skeptical at first about herbal Chinese medicine but figured at that point there was nothing to lose so I went back to you for help and in just a few days I was completely better! Now you are the first person I will go anytime I need help. Even when nothing is wrong it is a pleasure to come in and get acupuncture and massage for muscle recovery and customized herbs to keep everything feeling good! Thank you for making a difference in my way of living!

Darren W.


I went to see Carolyn because I was having stomach problems. Sweating at night for more than 20 years and a pigeon chest due to a respiratory condition. After being on her herbal prescriptions for two months “I am a new person” I do not sweat at night anymore nor do I have a respiratory condition and the pigeon chest has totally gone away.I also had some blood test redone and results showed most of my problems from before are within normal ranges and healthy with no need for medication. I am so happy.

Rafael C. 60 years old


I came to Carolyn’s office in a state of exhaustion and burn out. I thought I must be getting old or that stress and my six children had finally gotten the better of me. Headaches, PMS, and poor digestion were wearing me out too. But in my four(?) months in Carolyn’s care, I truly feel better than I thought possible. The combination of acupuncture treatments and her herbal tea recipes, designed personally for my needs have given me a new energy and sense of health. Now I work out in the gym longer (and Happier) and I am efficient and clear-minded in my work. I even have lost weight and my friends comment on how healthier, thinner and happier I look. It has also been fascinating and enlightening to learn from Carolyn about the oriental medicine approach to health. It entails an understanding of the human body that is different and thus opens us to a new way of treatment and herbs are the core of that difference. Carolyn is very knowledgeable and caring health provider, much more than most of the traditional physicians I have seen over the years.



My six year-old son Joshua started his treatments about six weeks ago. Joshua has suffered from abdominal pain, bloating in his stomach, lung congestion, and irregular bowl movements the majority of his life. We have taken him to see many specialists to try and identify the cause of his symptoms and help us to alleviate the pain he would go through daily. I was fortunate to meet Carolyn Cook through a mutual friend. Josh started his first treatment with Carolyn, around the end of February. The progression Josh had in just six weeks was amazing. My son went from having abdominal pain every single day and being congested every single morning, to being free of ALL the symptoms! Each week the symptoms began to digress; within the first 2 weeks we no longer had to use the Humidifier and he did not need me to massage his bloated belly every night. By the first week of April, we were able to take Joshua completely off the teas. Carolyn decided to now allow his body to do what it was designed to do. She has been a blessing and our family is so thankful for all that she has done.

Tanya K.


Before Carolyn and herbal Chinese teas. I suffered for four years from an undiagnosed illness affiliated with pain. Today, not only am I healthy but I no longer suffer from any form of my prior pain. I recommend anyone with an issue try these teas they really are miraculous.

Bryanna, age 17


Why is it our nature to fear which we do not understand? This I can not answer. However, when all of our options and known resources have been exhausted it is our spirit that continues onward. Our fighting spirit takes on our comfortable conventionality and explores other possibilities. We examine options, that at first appear alien and beyond our limits of understanding and seriously pursued them. Five years ago my thirteen year old daughter was rushed to the emergency room with chronic abdominal pain.Five years and 200 school absences later, after several hospital stays, two exploratory surgeries, numerous medications, infinite test-procedures, countless specialist in various realms, faith healers in California to spiritual mediums in Key West and an evaluation from the MAO clinic, we mockingly attempted Herbal teas. I say mockingly , because as you may imagine after the arsenal of weapons we had engaged who would have convinced me that the answer to my daughters suffering was drinking a few teas. She had undergone far worse and stranger phenomena and so we figured what could it hurt and we proceeded with the TEA. My daughter has her life back! She is a senior in high school, A normal teenager. Always forge forward. Open your mind and allow an unconventional miracle to cure you. Signed a dried eyed mom.



The first time I met Carolyn I was barely able to walk straight due to a severely herniated disc. After 4 or 6 sessions with her. I was myself again. My dad brought me to her and I couldn’t thank her enough!

Gustavo R.

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One of the beautiful children Carolyn “assisted in creating” Carolyn helped me create this beautiful baby girl, Harlee. After months of trying to conceive and battling various issues including PCOS, I came to Carolyn hoping accupuncture would help. After just two months, I found myself pregnant. Thoughout the pregnancy, Carolyn did prenantal massage and helped keep everything flowing. Now I have this beautiful baby girl.

Michelle A., MS, MHC
Miami Sunset Senior High
Early Childhood Education

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