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Treating Skin Problems with Herbs

7 February 2018

Here is a young man about 5 months of age who came in with a horrible itching rash all over his body. it started about 2 months after his birth. He was irritable, not sleeping well and itching and scratching himself to the point of bleeding. His mother had taken him to several physicians the only treatment offered was steroids. She did give it a try and found that it was helpful, but as soon as the meds were done it returned even worse. A frustrated mom came into my office seeking treatment. She had tried creams, baths, oils…with just minimal result. Within the first week we saw major improvement in many of his health issues skin was less red and itchy little red bumps had started to diminish, he began to rest better and not be so irritable, less hot and sweaty. We were not able to give him the herbs directly and conveniently so we did so through the mother and her breast milk. It took a couple months to get his skin to look healthy again. His treatment initially was for a about 2.5 months. The mother even noticed as she took the herbs it assisted her in some ways too. He has since come in a few times since just to get a check up and make sure he is feeling good. He now has been growing like a healthy young man should be…

Skin issues can be difficult to treat. sometimes we have to work longer and be more patient. I have treated many skin problems with success, but depends on the nature of the problem and how long it has been going on. Many times it can be associated with what we eat and how we process our foods. Other times it is more emotional mental as anxiety can be a factor. we here at Classical herbs and Acupuncture look at the body as a whole and do what is necessary to make the best improvement in our health.

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