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Additional Education

Yaron Seidman, who has a very successful infertility practice in Connecticut, introduced Carolyn to the concept of classical Chinese medicine; a philosophy which differs from traditional Chinese medicine. She was also fortunate to study with Yaron’s teacher, Liu Lihong from Guangxi who is a known expert in the classical Chinese medical system of Shang Han Lun. Carolyn credits Dr. Lihong with inspiring and fueling her desire to help people using this ancient knowledge.

Another major source of inspiration has been Dr. Arnaud Versluys with whom she has been studying with since 2008. Dr. Versluys moved to China after graduating high school in Belgium. He studied there for 12 years with some of the greatest classical Chinese physicians. He decided to come to the United States not only to practice but also to share his knowledge with others.

Dr. Versluys has mentored Carolyn in the many concepts and practice of Shang Han Lun and helped to redefine her practice to achieve amazing results with her patients. She credits Dr. Versluys for his great detail as a teacher and his generosity in sharing his knowledge.

Carolyn has also been fortunate to study with Dr. Zeng Rongxiu who is a clinician in the pure tradition of Shang Han Lun and Dr. Versluys’ teacher. Dr. Rongxiu originally graduated from pre-communist China’s reputable Huang Pu military academy but his life path led him study medicine. His primary teacher, Master Tian Heming was one of west China’s experts in the clinical tradition of Shang Han Lun.

These educators have encouraged Carolyn to study the classics and have instilled a passion to use them to aide and educate others. Carolyn Cook has acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge on her journey of discovery.

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