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Cervix Health Miami Herbs

Cervix Health is important to make sure your body can carry your baby to term. Read on to understand your cervix and how Dr. Cook can help you maintain a healthy cervix.


Your Cervix is the cylinder-shaped neck of tissue, which connects your uterus and Vagina. The Cervix is located in the lowermost portion of your uterus. Your Cervix dilates wide to allow your baby to pass through during childbirth. It also opens a bit to allow your menstrual flow out.

Cervix Conditions

Cervical cancer is usually caused by infection by the Human Papillomavirus. Regular tests must be done to prevent this type of cancer for most women.

Cervical Incompetence is the early dilation of your cervix during pregnancy, which may lead to premature delivery.

Cervicitis is the inflammation of your cervix most commonly caused by infection. STIs such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea may cause this condition.

Cervical Dysplasia is the condition where the abnormal cells in your cervix can become cancer. You need a Pap test to detect this condition.

Cervix polyps are the small growths found on the part of your cervix that connects to your vagina. Polyps are usually harmless and painless but may cause vaginal bleeding if left unaddressed.


There are many different tests to help detect what is wrong with your cervix.

The following are tests used to check your cervix:

Pap test is done by taking a sample of your cells in your cervix. The cells are checked for any signs of changes to detect cancer or dysplasia.

Cervical biopsy has a healthcare worker take a tissue sample or biopsy to check for cervical cancer and any other relevant conditions.

Colposcopy is a follow up-test done for abnormal Pap test results. Your gynecologist views your cervix using a magnifying glass. The gynecologist may do a biopsy for unhealthy-looking areas.


Cervical cerclage is done for cervical incompetence in which your cervix will be sewn closed. This treatment may prevent premature delivery.

Antibiotics can kill the bacteria that cause infection to your reproductive organs and cervix. The medicine may be injected or taken orally.

Cryotherapy uses an extremely cold probe to be put against your cervix’s abnormal areas. Freezing may kill the abnormal cells in your body and prevent cancer from growing in your cervix.

Chemotherapy is the cancer medication injected through your veins that is normally used to treat cervical cancer that has spread to other areas of your body.

Total Hysterectomy is the surgery that removes your uterus and cervix. This treatment is offered if your cervical cancer has not spread and may offer a complete recovery.


How Dr. Cook Can Help

Herbal healing

Certain herbs, when consumed, can strengthen your immune system and cleansing abilities, which may help you recover from cervical dysplasia. There are also herbs that you can take that may help prevent the onset of cancer.

Green tea contains chemicals that enhance antitumor and antimutagenic cellular functions that may help prevent you from developing cancer.

Holy Basil is a good source of ursolic acid, which promotes anti-inflammatory functions that may help stop cancer cells. The antioxidants in holy basil can also remove the toxic chemicals in your body to help prevent cancer.

Cruciferous veggies

Some recent research found that compounds from crucifiers turn on genes that stimulate the self-destruction of your cancer cells.


Herbal Medicine Safety Tips

  1. Only buy herbal prescriptions from licensed herbal practitioners.
  2. Ask your practitioner for ways to mask the taste of herbs if you dislike the taste.
  3. Learn the proper way to prepare your herbs. Just like conventional medicine, you need to learn which dose and what time to take your herbs to ensure safe consumption.


Acupuncture can help you lower your stress levels, which may prevent you from developing cancer.

If you have cancer, acupuncture can also help with your treatment. Acupuncture can treat the side effects of chemotherapy by easing your vomiting and nausea and may also decrease your dry mouth.


Your diet can help you avoid cancer or other cervical conditions. Dr. Cook can also recommend foods that you can eat that may help prevent cancer from developing in your body.

Here are some foods you can try eating that may prevent you from getting cancer:

Pink Grapefruit contains lycopene that can help treat HPV infection in its supplement form, which may cause cervical cancer.

Broccoli has a B vitamin that ensures a healthy reproductive system.

Spinach contains vitamin E and C and antioxidants to strengthen your immune system and prevent cellular damage. You can steam Spinach to better absorb the nutrients.

Contact Dr. Cook to help you get a healthy diet that will take care of your cervix.

In conclusion, your cervix needs care which requires you to understand your cervix more. Dr. Cook is here to help you keep a healthy cervix and pregnancy if you need extra help and want to stay healthy.

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