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Mental Health Tips

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Acupuncture, Health

Adding mental health tips to your routine can vastly improve your standard of living

Mental health encompasses social, emotional, and psychological well-being. This branch of health is very important because it affects how we feel, act, and think. How one treats others is largely affected by one’s mental health. 

Here are some factors that may affect your mental health:

1. Life experiences such as abuse or trauma
2. Genes and brain chemistry
3. Family history of other family members having mental health issues


Warning Signs

Here are the signs of having mental health problems:

1. Self-harm
2. Hopelessness
3. Hearing voices
4. Severe mood swings
5. Eating too little or too much
6. Sleeping too little or too much
7. Unexplained pains and aches
8. Being more irritable than usual
9. Drinking and smoking more
10. Not performing your usual routine
11. Lacking or not having enough energy
12. Keeping people you love at a distance


Benefits of good mental health

1. Meet your full potential
2. Become more productive
3. Give positive contributions to the community
4. Better coping mechanisms to combat the effects of stress


Tips to build up your mental health:

Build Connections

Healthy relationships with others are important in maintaining your mental health.


Here are the benefits of interpersonal relationships:

Provide emotional support during hard times.
Your friends can give you a sense of self-worth and belonging.
Give you an opportunity to share the good things happening in your life.


Here are tips for building bridges with others:

1. Have lunch with someone.
2. Visit other family members.
3. Arrange a meeting with your friends in zoom.
4. Switch off electronics and have an actual conversation.
5. Share a meal with your family at least once a day so you can talk.



Being physically active is great for your fitness and health, but a less known fact is its effects on your mental health. 

Here are some of the ways exercise can help your mental health:

1. Raise your self-esteem
2. Helping you set challenges and achievements
3. Get positive changes in your brain that positively impacts your mood


Here are tips to get fit:

1. Exercise while listening to podcasts
2. Research free activities to help you get fit
3. Find out what you need before you start exercising
4. Talk to your doctor to find ways to exercise that are safe
5. Try swimming and cycling because they are easier than most exercises


Learn New Skills

Learning how to do new things can help improve your mental health. 

Here are the benefits of learning new skills

1. Build a sense of purpose
2. Connect with others while learning
3. Boost your self-confidence and raise your self-esteem


Here are tips to help you learn:

1. Learn how to cook healthy meals
2. Work on a project you want to do
3. Take on new responsibilities at work
4. Try out new hobbies to enrich your life
5. Sign up for online college courses to help you learn new things


Practice Mental Hygiene

Your outlook in life can determine your future. Filling your mind with positive thoughts and aspirations can dramatically uplift your mood. Accomplish this task by practicing proper mental hygiene. 

Benefits of practicing proper mental hygiene:

1. Increased focus
2. Lower stress levels
3. Gain a positive outlook in life


Here are activities to try to practice proper mental hygiene:

1. Think positive
2. Practice self-acceptance
3. Watch movies and read books to gain new inspiration
4. Sign up for activities you want to learn, such as acting
5. Solve puzzles, whether physical ones or electronic ones, from apps


Healthily Express Your Feelings

You need to express your feelings healthily because keeping them bottled up inside can cause you undue stress. Bursting out in anger may also happen when you repress your feelings.

Here are the benefits of expressing your feelings healthily:

1. Reduce stress
2. Become closer to someone
3. Learn the other aspects of another person

Here are tips to healthily express your feelings:

1. Make your boundaries clear
2. Be honest to the people around you but be respectful
3. Write letters to tell someone something you cannot put into words
4. Calmly tell the person about a habit of theirs that bothers you to get them to stop


In conclusion, trying some new habits may improve your mindset to help you live a better life. 

Contact Dr. Cook to learn how to better care for your mental health.

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