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Natural Methods of Treating Sleep Disorders

by | Mar 7, 2021 | Health, News

Dr. Cook’s miami acupuncture clinic can help treat your sleeping disorders naturally. There are many pharmaceuticals in the market that may help you get to sleep, but they come with side effects that can also cause addiction. It’s best to use natural methods of getting to sleep because you will not be affected by side effects while also promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Here is a list of natural methods you can try to help you get to sleep:

Epsom Salt


The research will tell you that it is magnesium sulfate, which is a chemical compound made from oxygen, sulfur, and magnesium. A history lesson will tell you that the name is derived from the town of Epsom located in England, where it was first discovered. Although it may seem similar to your table salt, Epsom salt is completely different.

You can use Epsom salt by dissolving it into your baths. The common practice of dissolving your Epsom salt in water gives it the nickname of bath salt. You can use this type of salt to treat many ailments. It is said to treat many of your ailments, such as insomnia, constipation, and fibromyalgia.

Most of the benefits you get from Epsom salt come from its magnesium content. Magnesium is a mineral you and most people often lack, which is why the Epsom baths are so effective. You can find Epsom salts in the groceries, usually in the cosmetics department.

How Does Epsom Salt Work?


When you dissolve the Epsom salt in water, it releases its sulfate and magnesium ions. The bath will allow your skin to absorb the sulfate and magnesium ions. Sulfate and magnesium ions can help many of your bodily functions. You can dissolve the Epsom salt in warm bath water for pain relief.

Magnesium is a mineral every one of your cells needs to function.

Some bodily functions magnesium helps your body with are the following:

  • Energy generation helps convert your food into energy.
  • Formation of protein by using your amino acids to create new protein
  • Maintenance of your DNA and RNA by creating and repairing existing ones.
  • Movement requires the relaxation and contraction of your muscles, which can be helped when you consume magnesium.
  • Neurotransmitter regulation can help send the proper messages from your brain to your nervous system.

Reduces Stress and Promotes Sleep

You must have proper magnesium levels in your body to help manage your stress. Magnesium helps your brain produce the neurotransmitters that help you reduce stress to help you sleep.

Epsom baths can help your body gather enough magnesium through skin absorption. Combining Epsom salts with a warm bath can also soothe your aching muscles to invite restful sleep.

Constipation Relief

An Epsom bath can give your body magnesium as you bathe. The magnesium can draw water into your colon to help your bowel movements..


How to use Epsom Salt


Dissolve 2 cups worth 475 grams of Epsom salt into your warm bathwater.

You can then soak in the tub for at least 15 minutes to help you get the Magnesium you need.


Tip: You can dissolve your Epsom salt faster by putting it under warm running water.

Fix Your Sleeping Positions


Your sleeping positions can affect your body in many ways. If you sleep in awkward and unhealthy positions, you may wake up with unwanted body pain. It is best that you learn about sleeping positions to prevent causing unintended harm to your body.

Here is a list of sleeping positions you can try to alleviate your pain:

  • Use a good support pillow to support your head while sleeping on your side to alleviate neck problems.
  • Back problems require a pillow to support under the back of your neck that is neither too high nor low.
  • Use a firm king-size pillow and put it in between your legs just above your knee towards the bottom of your foot to alleviate lower back pain when sleeping to your side.
  • Sleeping on your back requires you to put a pillow under your knees to take the pressure off your lower back.

Please note: that these are just starting tips about sleeping positions you can use. Every case is unique, and you still need a consultation from Dr. Cook to correctly identify your best sleeping position.

Drink Tea


Tea is an aromatic drink you can prepare by pouring boiling or hot water over fresh or cured leaves. It is the second most-consumed drink and can help put you to sleep if you drink the right one.

Here is a list of teas you should drink to get to sleep:

  • Chamomile
    Chamomile tea can help relax your body’s inflammation to ease the pain in your muscles. It has a mild tranquilizer effect on your body because its antioxidant Apigenin binds itself to your brain receptors to help you sleep.
  • Lavender 
    Lavender tea has a very soothing and calming aroma that can help soothe your anxiety away. This herb is unique because you can make tea or a scented bath with Lavender.

In conclusion, there are many different ways to help you get to sleep naturally. Using pharmaceuticals can be dangerous because of their side effects and the chance of addiction. Instead, try natural methods of getting to sleep such as using Epsom salt baths, fixing your sleeping position, and drinking tea. Dr. Cook’s miami acupuncture clinic can give you the help you need to get better quality of sleep naturally.

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