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Natural Treatments For Pre and Post Surgery Recovery

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Acupuncture

Natural treatments for pre and post-surgery recovery can help ease your discomfort from the treatment. Herbs can strengthen your body and prepare it for surgery. Acupuncture and herbs can decrease the pain you feel from the surgical incision while also reducing bruising and swelling.

Pre Surgery

Consult with Dr. Cook for natural treatments that will strengthen your body for surgery.

Please note that you should not take natural treatments without an expert like Dr. Cook monitoring your treatment. Not getting an expert involved may put you at risk of getting fake and harmful herbal treatments. Your herbal treatments may also have bad interactions with your medications that may endanger your life.

Always declare the natural treatments or otherwise to your doctor before surgery. Remember, no detail is too insignificant because, in surgery, your life’s on the line.

You can take measures before your surgery to ease your recovery. Reducing your inflammation and getting more nutrients can aid in your recovery.

Here is a list of lifestyle changes to help you before your surgery.

Minimize your carbohydrate intake before your surgery because the sugar and insulin spike from carbohydrates can increase inflammation. Eat more complex carbohydrates like sweet potato and brown rice because they are slower to digest and will keep you full longer.

Boost your protein intake by eating lean pork, beef, beans, nuts, chicken, and tofu. Protein is also slow to digest, leaving you full longer. Lean cuts have less fat which will help prevent heart disease.

Prepare foods like broth with vegetables, kale, chicken, and fish.

Broths are full of vitamins and nutrients. Adding vegetables increases the vitamins and minerals of the broth. It’s best to eat soft food because you may be suffering from indigestion after surgery.

Do not fry your meat because the oil may cause a stomach ache. Roast your meat for a healthier meal.

Do not drink alcohol and avoid sugars to prevent aggravating your body’s inflammatory response.

Ask your doctor what mild exercises are ok after surgery to enhance your circulation for a better recovery.

Warning: Never use herbs before surgery without first informing your doctor. Always disclose what you are taking to your doctor for a smooth surgery. Do not take herbs without a doctor’s supervision. You need an expert like Dr. Cook to tell you what herbs are safe for your body before and after surgery.

Post Surgery

Natural treatments can aid in your post-surgery recovery. Your surgical incision will hurt and be accompanied by bruises and swelling. Dr. Cook’s acupuncture sessions and herbal prescriptions can help ease your discomfort.

Please note: You need to see a certified and experienced acupuncturist and herbalist like Dr. Cook because an inexperienced practitioner may make your problems worse.

Stock your refrigerator with healthy foods for your post-surgery recovery. After your surgery, you will likely have constipation, a dry stomach, and a sore throat. The meals you prepared will serve to help provide comfort and quick recovery.

Here is a list of foods that may help you recover from surgery:

Kale is full of nutrients your body needs to recover quickly. It has Vitamin A and C to strengthen your immune system, which may help fight against infections. Calcium can help strengthen your bones if you have had bone surgery. Its antioxidants can help prevent cellular damage that may hinder your recovery. Vitamin K can help you with blood clotting and wound healing.


Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help prevent heart disease and decrease inflammation. There is often swelling after you’ve had surgery, and eating this food can decrease the swelling to promote wound healing. It’s also a great source of protein which your body needs to repair tissue to heal your wounds.


Strawberries are full of Vitamin C, which stimulates your collagen production. The collagen will help repair your wound for a quicker healing process.


Ginger is known throughout the world for its anti-inflammatory effects. Its gingerols may also relieve nausea and indigestion, making it perfect for surgery recovery. One of the best ways to consume Ginger is by taking it as tea. You can slice Ginger and boil it in 2 cups of water for 10-20 minutes, depending on how strong you want it to be.

Post Surgery Lifestyle tips


You must sanitize your hands before touching your incision. Use soap and water to clean your hands.

Stick to Your Prescription

It may be tempting to use ointments and whatnot on your incision but don’t. Never use anything not prescribed by your doctor because its effects can be unpredictable when interacting with your other meds.


Start walking to increase your blood flow because this will improve your circulation to aid your wound healing. It also helps prevent pneumonia and harmful blood clots.

In conclusion, there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure a speedy recovery from surgery. Natural treatments and lifestyle changes can improve your body’s recovery from surgery. Please note: that natural treatments and lifestyle changes must be approved by your doctors to prevent complications.

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