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Nutrition Basics

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Acupuncture, Health

Learning nutrition basics will help you live longer while increasing your quality of life. Read on to learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to eating to ensure your health.

Include protein for all meals

Eating protein can help you balance your blood sugar, which is very beneficial if you have Type 2 Diabetes. Protein is also slow to digest and can keep you full longer. When it comes to protein, try to avoid frying and unnecessary additives to keep it healthy. Baking and steaming are better alternative cooking methods because they do not add unnecessary carbs and fats to your food. You should also choose lean cuts to avoid fats that may cause heart disease.

Salmon and Chicken breast are good healthy sources of protein.

Eat Healthy Fats

Please take note that not all fats are bad for your health. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are needed by your heart and brain. It’s trans fats you should stay away from to keep healthy. Trans fats increase your risk of heart disease and can be found in processed foods.

Seeds, olive oil, avocados are all great sources of healthy fats.

Eating tips

1. Use extra virgin olive oil for cooking.
2. Eat salmon and tuna and add sliced avocados to the meal.
3. Sprinkle seeds or nuts such as pumpkin seeds and almonds on salads and soups.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks like fruit juice, sodas, and flavored tea are the usual culprits for the added sugar in American diets. Be warned that consuming these products may cause you to develop type 2 diabetes and heart disease. You can also develop these conditions even if you are slim. Obesity can also be a problem when you consume these drinks. It’s best to get checked regularly to see your condition and make the necessary changes before it is too late.

Sugar-sweetened drinks are also very dangerous to your kids because they can cause obesity. Your children may also develop health problems such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Here is a list of healthier drinks

1. Water
2. Coffee
3. Fresh fruit juice
4. Unsweetened tea

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods contain many refined oils, added sugar, artificial flavors, and salt. These ingredients are hazardous to your health and may cause you to develop long-term health conditions when you consume too much.

Here are examples of processed foods

1. Fast food
2. Snack cakes
3. Frozen meals
4. Chips
5. Canned goods

These types of foods are very easy to overindulge in because they activate regions of your brain that make you want to eat them more. These foods are usually just full of empty calories, which means they make you fat with little to no nutrients.

Lower Your Sodium Consumption

Sodium raises your blood pressure and puts you in danger of getting strokes and heart disease. You are probably consuming too much sodium if you are eating an American diet.

Fix your sodium consumption by following these diet tips.

Avoid pre-packaged and processed foods from grocery stores and restaurants.

Pre-packaged foods include

1. Bread
2. Pizza
3. Chips

Look for unsalted products or low sodium labels when going grocery shopping.

Squeeze lemon juice and fresh herbs on your meals instead of using salt

There are plenty of other natural ingredients you can use for seasoning, so be sure to search the internet to find the taste you want.

Sleep Well

Quality sleep is important for your health. Poor sleep can affect your appetite hormones, which can influence your appetite negatively. Poor sleep can lead to eating more sugary snacks to stay awake, which will make you fat. Eating too little can also make you malnourished, which can hamper your daily life. You need to sleep properly to ensure your eating habits stay normal.

Avoid Bright Lights at Night

Bright lights have blue light wavelengths, which disrupt your production of sleep hormones. It’s best to dim the lights in your home at night or turn them off to maximize sleep hormone production.

Avoid Digital Screens at Night

You should also avoid digital screens for at least 30 minutes before going to sleep. Your body will be able to produce sleep hormones better, which can aid your sleep.

In conclusion, learning about nutrition can help you live a long and healthy life.

Contact Dr. Cook to learn more nutrition tips to better your life.

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