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Classical Herbs and Acupuncture, Inc is currently offering both telemedicine visits in addition to in person visits.

I am available to do telemedicine consults that way we can review a brief history of what is going on and then give an herbal prescription that will help you currently as well as help you preventively. As the pulse taking is the key to this medicine we will have to be more proactive in getting information as well as visual of face, tongue to assist with your diagnosis.

How this works is we can set up a 20 to 30 minute appointment for a video conference. You will be sent forms to start the process. Then you can share your concerns and I will ask questions. We can speak and have visuals to assess any of your concerns. I can then put together an herbal prescription and get it to you as quickly as possible. This will be done either by pick up or I can put in the mail if distance is an issue. Mailing cost will be added to total due.

One important thing to know is that we must stay healthy on all levels not just when you get a sniffle or headache, but when you feel your best. This is the perfect time to make sure we get on board with some preventative medicine and make the changes we need to keep healthy.

If we can be more proactive in our health, we can possibly not be susceptible to any virus or bacteria that may be lingering. Preventative is key!

The herbalism I practice is from an ancient style. Zhang Zhong-Jing over 2000 years ago lost his family and surrounding city to many diseases. He set out on a quest to develop this amazing protocol of herbalism that assisted in saving his family and colony of people.

I have been using this style for the past 13 years and have changed many lives. It is not the easiest as we all would just like a quick pill… quick fix, but this is not possible! We need to be patient, have commitment and make some lifestyle changes. This will be the key to staying healthy during these very troubled times.

Thank you so much and I look forward to assisting you with any of your health concerns.

Carolyn Cook, DOM, AP, LMT

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