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TCM Tips for Happy and Healthy Kids

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Acupuncture, Health

TCM Tips for Happy and Healthy Kids

Children under five years old are vulnerable to infectious diseases. Thankfully, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a good way to boost kids’ immunity, especially as a preventative care against COVID-19. Many parents are still skeptical about its benefits and how treatment works, so we wanted to share the advantages of TCM to children’s health and some powerful tips. At Miami Acupuncture & Classical Herbs, we cater to a wide audience regardless of your age and gender. Gentle and warm in her approach, Dr. Carolyn Cook, a Miami Acupuncturist, MSOM, AP, Dipl Canonical Chinese Medicine, LMT, has helped several kids and teens with their health conditions and assisted their immunity.

Benefits of TCM on Children

Young patients aged 3 to 8 can get started on TCM when they are comfortable enough to accept it. Even infants as young as six months old can also experience the relieving effects of TCM. Under the direction of an experienced and licensed TCM physician like Dr. Carolyn Cook, special care must be shown and herbal prescriptions are expertly measured and given. Parents need to follow the recommended dosage and not feed more than necessary. To make sure your children are safe, kindly check with their respective physicians. Below are the following healing benefits of TCM for kids.

  • Provide relief for common ailments: TCM can treat illnesses such as flu, cough, allergic rhinitis, or constipation experienced by children. These are caused by external pathogens and deficiencies in the body. Symptoms appear when lung function is impaired by external pathogens, which can be uncomfortable for kids. TCM practitioners can stimulate acupoints in the child’s body through specific massage techniques or prescribe Chinese medicine to restore the body’s balance.
  • Build up immunity: TCM ensures that the flow of energy is regulated throughout the body. When your kid’s flow of healthy energy is disrupted, they can be weakened and illnesses occur. You can strengthen their immunity with pediatric massage and medicine. This allows them to sleep deeper and soundly, assisting their body and brain development to fight any external pathogens.
  • Treat medical conditions: TCM has shown to be an important cornerstone in treating asthma, mental health conditions, and skin problems like eczema by improving skin lesions, itching, and sleeping loss. For instance, Dr. Carolyn Cook had a young patient about 5 months of age who suffered a horrible itching rash all over his body. Within the first week of treatment, there was a major improvement in many of his health issues. His skin was less red and itchy while little red bumps had started to diminish. As a result, he began to rest better and not be so irritable, less hot and sweaty.

The infant’s mother said, “I’m glad I took the chance. I’m glad I trusted Carolyn and my gut. I’m most glad that I didn’t solve the issue with chemicals that had terrible side effects. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone and everyone.”

You can read the full client story here and see the Before and After pictures.

Solid Tips For A Happier And Healthier Kid

There is no denying that TCM practices offer a gentler and warmer approach to children’s health. It is easily accessible by checking the nearest licensed TCM practitioner near you. If you live within the greater Miami community, including Pinecrest, Kendall, South Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, etc., you may visit us and we’ll be there to help your little ones feel better.

Moreover, you can apply TCM in your daily life, which can prevent a troublesome and expensive doctor’s visit. You don’t have to wait until your kids are sick to receive TCM therapies. Below are some solid tips that you can do today for your kids.

  1. Avoid cold drinks and too much fried, sweet or spicy food. They create “dampness” in the body and can weaken the digestive function of the spleen and stomach, causing dampness to accumulate. Over time, it can lead to blockages and illness.
  2. Regular mealtimes should also be observed, as this helps with proper digestion.
  3. Add soups or stir-fries to your children’s diet to warm the body and let our “Qi” flow.

Always remember that children are the most cherished members of our society. The quality of care that they receive is a top priority. Parents must be open to more effective treatments and healing. No small patient should suffer from the side effects of wrong treatments. Learn more about how TCM can make your little kids happier and healthier by contacting us at or (305) 665-9711.

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