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I started working with Dr. Carolyn Cook after I was referred to another acupuncturist for back pain & migraines. At that time I was prescribed some herbs that did not sit well with me and made me feel extreme discomfort in my stomach.

While working with Dr. Cook on another project, I casually mentioned this issue and she immediately told me that if it was causing so much discomfort to stop the herbs then perhaps she could help. She began to ask me more about my conditions and what was ailing me. We were actually working cross country (I’m in Los Angeles) and after about an hour of questions she went ahead and prescribed me new herbs that she immediately shipped out. Two days later I was on my new formula and started noticing a big difference. First, my stomach stopped hurting, acid reflux was better, then my sleep was improving, my skin did not feel as dry, my back was not as tight and my hands and feet felt warmer.

After a month or so on these herbs we started working on my migraines, which were happening pretty regular about twice a month as well as my eye sight. I had lost almost complete eyesight in my right eye and thus was not able to drive.

After I told Dr. Cook these issues we started working on it week by week. In three months my migraines were almost completely gone and my digestion was back to normal. I felt the best I had in a long time and noticed my eyesight started to even improve.

After 4 to 5 months of consulting with Dr. Cook with different herbal formulas I finally had my eyesight back and was able to pass the eye test to get my driver’s license back.

Dr. Cook took a slow and meticulous approach to my health that I am extremely thankful for. She has brought me back to the healthiest I have been in years and I can’t thank her enough for it.

Some common problems of professionals such as vision loss, migraines, and back pains can be healed back to its original form. Contact us to know more about your concerns. (305) 665-9711

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