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I woke up with a painful rash on my left torso. It was about 7 ” wide and about 5″ in height. I immediately went to see Dr. Cook and she confirmed my shingles outbreak. Knowing how bad it could get and that it could leave me with nerve pain for years to come if not permanently, I was very concerned. Literally, the next morning, after just 2 doses of an herbal formula she prescribed me, the shingles had diminished to less than half the size!!! Over the next three weeks she continued to treat me with herbs and the shingles disappeared completely and so did the nerve pain. I have nurse and healthcare friends that were shocked at my results and taken aback at how I was able to get these results so rapidly. I have always been a been on board with holistic/alternative medicine as I believe it has its rightful place in healthcare but what Dr. Cook does is above and beyond and she does it with a kind and caring heart. I highly recommend that you consider her as an option to your healthcare needs.

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