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Dr. Carolyn Cook,When I first came to you it was because I had pulled my hamstring and was battling plantar fasciitis for a number of years. With acupuncture and massage, you helped my hamstring recover much faster than expected and got my plantar fasciitis under control. A few months later I developed a stomach ailment that I hoped would get better on its own and when it didn’t I went to a traditional doctor that thought I had parasites and treated me w antibiotics. After a week of that I still wasn’t digesting any of my food properly, had painful cramps, and was bloated. As an athlete, a private basketball coach, and personal trainer, it was very difficult to function as I was very uncomfortable. I was skeptical at first about herbal Chinese medicine but figured at that point there was nothing to lose so I went back to you for help and in just a few days I was completely better! Now you are the first person I will go anytime I need help. Even when nothing is wrong it is a pleasure to come in and get acupuncture and massage for muscle recovery and customized herbs to keep everything feeling good! Thank you for making a difference in my way of living!

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