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My name is Maria H. I had a severe case of acid reflux after being under the care of my gastroenterologist who treated me for several years came to the conclusion that there was nothing else he could do for me. He explained about a surgery but did not recommend it due to the bad side effects. I decided then to try alternative medicine. I visit Dr. Carolyn Cook, I explained to her all my symptoms: constant coughing to the point of vomiting, acid in my mouth, chapped lips, heart palpitations, midnight sweats, hot feet, constipation, impossibility to lay down because the acid made me cough severely, my throat was burning and it felt difficult to swallow feeling like a ball in my throat. I needed to sleep in a seated position. She studied my symptoms and took my pulse and prepared for me the magic Chinese herbal tea. I went home, prepared my tea and only from the first cup my cough almost disappeared, when I finished the first 3 bags of tea many of my symptoms disappeared or diminished, such as the coughing, palpitations, sweating, ect…. Today after only 4 visits and 4 weeks of drinking the herbal tea most of my symptoms are gone and I sleep in a flat position all night long like a healthy person….

(80 year old)

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