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I began working with Dr. Cook about 2 months ago for severe pain in my back and hips, I have recently retired after almost 40 years as an RN. Most people have no clue
about the physical demands of Nursing, and the toll it can take on the body. Dr. Cook came highly recommended from a family friend, and after seeing the pros and cons of Western Medicine and my keen interest in Holistic and more Nature based therapies I
made an appointment. Her office and staff are absolutely delightful and very insightful to the needs of her patients. Dr. Cook herself is warm, caring and exceptionally educated in both Western and Oriental Therapies. I can quite honestly state I feel much better and I know that with my continued work with her, I shall see a steady improvement in both my pain and my total well being. It is a wonderful experience being able to enjoy life again and I really give Dr.Cook that credit.

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