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At the end of May 2020 I was going down the stairs in my house and I fell down from the 4th step. I broke my tibia severely where the bone punctured through my leg, also fractured my fibula and a fracture to my foot. Blood was everywhere and the paramedics had to be called.

I spent 4 days in the hospital and had surgery done on my leg which they put had to put a metal rod and 2 screws in.

I could not move my leg and the pain was unbearable. Two days after my accident Dr. Cook came to see me and did an acupuncture treatment on my leg and she started me on an herbal prescription to assist in the healing. That same day I was able to start moving my toes better and I could get up to go to the bathroom.

Once I got out of the hospital I did my acupuncture treatment once a week and continued on the herbs. Each day my leg had less bruising, less numbness, less swelling and overall I was moving my leg better with less pain with in the first two weeks. When I went to the Orthopedic surgeon for my check up at 2 weeks he was very impressed with the healing of my leg that had less bruising and swelling. He said that he was expecting it to be much worse. Each time I saw him he continued to be impressed with the healing. I too felt really glad that I was moving and getting to a better place.

I had fractured my foot about 5 years ago and it took me 6 months just to get off the boot and be able to start walking again. This time it’s been only 4 months and I am walking and moving my leg at 85% and I have been off the boot at 2 months.

My experience this time around has been remarkable. In just a few months I feel so much better, get around better. I think With the Acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs, Dr. Cook has really helped me out tremendously with my recovery and getting me back to a normal life. I will be forever grateful for her help.


Left Leg After Surgery at blue towels June 15 Xray of Left Leg June 15 2020 Sideview of Legs Week 3 June 23 2020 Week 4 Herbs and Treatment June 29 Week 6 Left Leg with Herbs and Treatment July 8 Week 8 Herbs and Treat July 18 2020 Week 12 Herbs and Treat August 18 2020


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