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In 2010 I was diagnosed with Bilateral Meniere’s Disease which consists of daily migraines, vertigo, visual disturbances and more. I was unable to work, drive, or function even in my own home. Dr. started me on HCTZ and also did an MRI to make sure there was nothing else going on in my brain, as well as scheduled me with a Neurologist. In June of 2009 my husband had been on a mission trip and met a woman that through holistic medicine had prevented herself from having to have a heart transplant. So in Nov of 2010 we left my Duke Dr. appointment who gave me little hope and only switched around more drugs, & my husband made a phone call & we went to see a holistic Dr. This Dr. explained to me and my husband the importance of my dietary changes and started me on a Nutritional shake as well as an organic drink for dehydration.

In 2011 while having a conversation with my Meniere’s Dr I explained to him that it felt like the top of my head was going to blow off. So he recommend a spinal tap to see what my spinal pressure was. It was 10, needed to be around 14-17 according to Dr who did the spinal tap. So they set up a milligram. They found 5 holes in my spinal cord which they patched and Dura Diverticula on the top on of my spinal cord. They covered those to attempt to stop them from growing & I and stayed in the worse pain of my life for weeks. I could not move, I could not eat and if I attempted to, I lost it. My spinal fluid was so high that I could not even sit up because the pressure hurt so badly. My husband called the Dr that did the procedure every single day and they keep increasing the medication. Finally after 3 weeks of torment it broke and I was better and a lot better.

I went back to see my Meniere’s Dr as a follow up and he changed my medication realizing that I have too much fluid on my brain. The drug was too strong and sent me into Metabolic Acidosis. After recovering from this episode and of course another spinal tap to check my pressure and seeing that it was still too high. So my Meniere’s Dr. had a suggestion of a Mastoidectomy that should allow some relief from the pressure, ringing in the ears, migraines, etc. we agreed and in July 2012 he performed surgery which included removing part of my skull.

My migraines were raging out of control still so my Neurologist recommended 2 things. The first one, a DHE infusion & the 2nd Botox injections. I agreed to the infusions and we started those every 30 days. Things were so bad they put me in the hospital and gave me the infusions every 4 hours around the clock for 5 days. Again lots of blown IVs and swollen arms. As well as one night my blood pressure was 57/39. Drs and nurses in my room all night and they still insisted on finishing the rounds of infusions. It took some time but I finally agreed to start the 31 Botox injections per session every 90 days. They felt like 31 wasp had attacked and would not let go.

I was miserable and I was not improving. Then we found Classical Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture. After just a few short days I started seeing results such as lessening of the ringing in my ears & my migraines even became not so intense. However I was still taking large quantities of medications and unfortunately like most of the USA we trust our Drs way too much. I can honestly say Carolyn at Classical Herbs & Acupuncture has done more for me than all the Drs I have ever been too. With Carolyn’s help I have come off of over 20+ prescriptions. Carolyn has studied all over the world and knows more about Chinese Medicine than anyone I have ever talked to. I am forever grateful, because all the trauma I was put through was unnecessary. No matter the disease or pain you are facing before you fill your body with manufactured chemicals, You owe it to yourself to try Classical Herbs & Acupuncture, it’s the way to allow your body to heal itself right down to your DNA cells.

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