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I feel 90% better than I have in years. Dr. Cook has prescribed herbs and a full treatment plan that has really performed wonders on my entire body. The Acupuncture has been very relaxing and not all what many including myself would think. The needles or pricking is painless and she’s very experienced so don’t shy away…you can handle it. The herbal medicine was new to me, but what it has done for my intestinal issues is nothing short of a miracle. After a major surgery over 10 years ago I was left with a huge scar and and knots or hard scar tissue. I was constantly bloated and uncomfortable. Since going to Classical herbs and Accupuncture those hard places have soften and my stomach has begun to change. I feel so much better. I’m excited to see how I’ll feel by the end of the year. My changes were quick.I’ve been going since October 2015 so not even a full two months and I’m over the top!

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