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Why is it our nature to fear which we do not understand? This I can not answer. However, when all of our options and known resources have been exhausted it is our spirit that continues onward. Our fighting spirit takes on our comfortable conventionality and explores other possibilities. We examine options, that at first appear alien and beyond our limits of understanding and seriously pursued them. Five years ago my thirteen year old daughter was rushed to the emergency room with chronic abdominal pain.Five years and 200 school absences later, after several hospital stays, two exploratory surgeries, numerous medications, infinite test-procedures, countless specialist in various realms, faith healers in California to spiritual mediums in Key West and an evaluation from the MAO clinic, we mockingly attempted Herbal teas. I say mockingly , because as you may imagine after the arsenal of weapons we had engaged who would have convinced me that the answer to my daughters suffering was drinking a few teas. She had undergone far worse and stranger phenomena and so we figured what could it hurt and we proceeded with the TEA. My daughter has her life back! She is a senior in high school, A normal teenager. Always forge forward. Open your mind and allow an unconventional miracle to cure you. Signed a dried eyed mom.

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