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I came to Carolyn’s office in a state of exhaustion and burn out. I thought I must be getting old or that stress and my six children had finally gotten the better of me. Headaches, PMS, and poor digestion were wearing me out too. But in my four(?) months in Carolyn’s care, I truly feel better than I thought possible. The combination of acupuncture treatments and her herbal tea recipes, designed personally for my needs have given me a new energy and sense of health. Now I work out in the gym longer (and Happier) and I am efficient and clear-minded in my work. I even have lost weight and my friends comment on how healthier, thinner and happier I look. It has also been fascinating and enlightening to learn from Carolyn about the oriental medicine approach to health. It entails an understanding of the human body that is different and thus opens us to a new way of treatment and herbs are the core of that difference. Carolyn is very knowledgeable and caring health provider, much more than most of the traditional physicians I have seen over the years.

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