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In August of 2017 I had been dealing with some health issues that involved serious headaches, extreme pressure around the eyes, dizziness, extreme fatigue, horrible sleep, not being able to feel my feet or my legs, dry skin, up several times a night, and just overall not in a good place when suddenly one day I became totally blind in both eyes. I was taken to the hospital and found that my blood sugar and blood pressure were out of normal range as well as having a severe dizziness attack that brought this on.  The first series of tests revealed that it was not due to diabetic blindness, and doctors could not understand how and why this happened. No one could tell me anything after a series of tests with no results. They gave me about 9 different medications to try and stabilize my blood sugar as well as blood pressure and nothing was really working. In February, I was sent to Duke University of North Carolina and they also had no idea what was wrong and said I would never see again.

In December 2017 I happen to go to a family gathering. At this point in my life I had lost all hope and was sinking quickly into a very dark and depressing hole. I was told that I would never see again and that the vessels in my eyes were burnt and could not regenerate, so no vision would ever be possible.  Carolyn Cook happened to have approached me and asked me a couple of questions.  She began to take my pulse on both hands, which was really different from whatever I had experienced in the past. She explained to me about the medicine that she works with and felt she could help me if I was open and willing to do the work necessary to assist my own healing path. I said I was on board and began doing whatever she told me to do.

I began doing her herbal formulas mid December 2017.  That involved cooking herbal concoctions and drinking them 3 times a day.  The first thing that happened within 5 days was my headaches and pressure around my eye had completely disappeared.  I started to feel better in other parts of my body and started going to the bathroom more regular than I have in years. In 2 weeks my husband noticed that my eyes began to dilate. They had been in a fixed position, very open, with extreme sensitivity to light, and with each day the pupil would continue to open and close faster.  Although, I still had blurry vision.  Within a month, I started see color. First it was brown and some red. Then at about 5 weeks, I started to see more blues and greens. Within 7 weeks, I began to see shapes, not blobs of black mass, as well as some orange.  At about 9 weeks, I started to see much more clearly only about 5 to 6 inches in front of me, but I could see people if close. I can see writing if written big enough, and distance has improved slightly more about 12 to 15 inches in front.  My blood sugar and pressure started to stabilize, and I was really starting to see changes that doctors told me I would not achieve.  I am still on treatment at 9 months. I have been able to decrease my medication of insulin and blood pressure by half.  I am Feeling better than I have in many years and have more feeling in my legs. Sleep has improved greatly.  Vision is not perfect but at least I can see. I have to say, the herbal prescriptions have been what assisted me most and have given me my life back. I live in North Carolina and Carolyn Cook lives in Miami, Florida. The distance was great, but her questions and educating me is what made this all possible. Carolyn came to visit 2 to 3 times over the past 9 months to see how I was doing and recheck my pulses. Those times she would do some treatments with acupuncture which greatly assisted me with the swelling, feeling of my legs, feet, and overall wellbeing.

On November 1, 2018, I was seen again by the blind association nurse who tested my vision and to her great surprise as well as mine she is fitting me for some glasses as with her test I was able to see more distance and color.  She was so happy and said my eyes have completely changed from a year ago. My vision has continued to improve, a true miracle.

This year at the Christmas gathering I will look to see Carolyn. I have so much gratitude for her abilities in giving me back my life and being able to spend much needed quality and time with family, feeling so much better, and healthier.

Wanda Stokes Bury
North Carolina

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