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My six year-old son Joshua started his treatments about six weeks ago. Joshua has suffered from abdominal pain, bloating in his stomach, lung congestion, and irregular bowl movements the majority of his life. We have taken him to see many specialists to try and identify the cause of his symptoms and help us to alleviate the pain he would go through daily. I was fortunate to meet Carolyn Cook through a mutual friend. Josh started his first treatment with Carolyn, around the end of February. The progression Josh had in just six weeks was amazing. My son went from having abdominal pain every single day and being congested every single morning, to being free of ALL the symptoms! Each week the symptoms began to digress; within the first 2 weeks we no longer had to use the Humidifier and he did not need me to massage his bloated belly every night. By the first week of April, we were able to take Joshua completely off the teas. Carolyn decided to now allow his body to do what it was designed to do. She has been a blessing and our family is so thankful for all that she has done.

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