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I met Dr. Cook through a referral by a close friend of mine. I had just recovered from Covid but was still experiencing residual effects. The new term is “long-hauler.” I had major hair loss, racing heart beat, slow circulation and insomnia. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical as I am in the medical field. However, I was willing to try anything as I had just lost my husband to Covid too.

At first I did not see any changes but followed the protocol and soon begin to see hair growth again. I was sleeping better and had no more irregular heart beat. In addition I had more energy and felt better mentally too.

I highly recommend Dr. Cook with her expertise in her years of study. She treats each person on an individual basis with respect and caring. Her staff are professional and friendly.

I am a Lifer 🙂 I am sold on this way of life and taking a natural healing approach to gaining back my health and longevity too.

In addition this week I went to my eye doctor who was surprised to see that my eye sight has improved as well as the thickness of skin behind my retina. which is now back to normal.
Thank you Dr. Cook nd may God bless you for all you do for everyone you meet.

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