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Thanksgiving Activities For The Family

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Health

Thanksgiving activities for the family can bring you all closer together. You may also need family-friendly ways of distracting your kids while you prepare the feast. Read on to learn how to do all of that this holiday.  


Play Games

A little fun competition can help bring people together. Playing on teams can help build bridges between family members that are not close. These games can also inspire competition to reignite people’s spirit.

Here are some games you can play:


Mini pumpkin-hunt

This game requires you to have a mini pumpkin to hide it indoors and outdoors for kids to find. You can put numbers on the mini pumpkins that correspond to different prizes for the family.



This game will test your brain and acting ability because you must think of ways of expressing the listed item without talking. It opens you and your family to some hilarious situations that can lead to you all becoming closer.


Eating Contest

You can try to prepare meals made of fruits and vegetables for a healthy snack. Then make a contest for family members to eat it for prizes. You can incentivize healthy eating for the holiday. It would also allow them to eat fruits and vegetables to balance out the other unhealthy dishes from Thanksgiving.


Video Chat Faraway Loved Ones

You can bring the holiday cheer to your faraway relatives by using delivery services to bring your home cooked meals. That way you can all enjoy holiday meals together. Next, you will want to use video chat services to see your loved ones eat together. Seeing your faraway loved ones can help your mental health improve dramatically. While bringing the family together isn’t always feasible, modern technology can help you see them.

Arts And Crafts

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for both parents. Mom has to cook the turkey. Dad might have to do some last-minute shopping or pick up the relatives. You need to keep your kids distracted to work in peace. One way to keep your children distracted is through arts and crafts.

You can try teaching them Origami by printing out origami instructions for them to follow. If you’re lucky, you might end up with a few good decorations for the holidays.  

Printing out pictures of Thanksgiving decorations and having your kids color them can also make for fine decorations.

There are other activities you can use to distract your kids. Search the internet for other activities to keep them busy, so you can work in peace.


Cook Healthy For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for delicious meals, but it can lead to unhealthy eating that may compromise your health. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can still make Thanksgiving meals healthy or at least mitigate any damage from the holiday.

Here is a list of advice to help you cook healthy this Thanksgiving:

Eating White turkey meat is healthy, but you have to watch out for the sauces because they may contain unnecessary fat and calories. You can either season your turkey with herbs or use homemade cranberry sauce. Be warned canned cranberry sauce may have unnecessary additives that can make it unhealthy.   

Whole-grain bread can be used instead of white bread for stuffing. You can add herbs, vegetables, and fruits such as mushrooms and apples for flavor instead of standard seasonings.

Mash potatoes can have homemade chicken broth for flavoring instead of cream and butter.

Roast or bake sweet potatoes to reduce or outright remove unhealthy components such as oil, sodium, and fat from cooking.

Create salads out of fresh lettuce and use lemon juice, and season with herbs. Do not use the salad dressings bought in stores because they are full of fat and calories.

Fruits like apples, oranges, and grapes make for fantastic desserts that can help digest the wonderful Thanksgiving meal your family just ate. 

It’s not set in stone that Thanksgiving meals have to be unhealthy. You can take steps to cook healthier meals for the holiday. There is plenty more healthy cooking advice for Thanksgiving online. Be sure to search for more healthy cooking advice for a better holiday.  

In conclusion, Thanksgiving can be a time of fun and togetherness when planned with the right activities. Spending time with your family is important because you might not see them often. Try these activities to get closer to your family and make up for the lost time.

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