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The Dangers of Overusing Hand Sanitizer

by | Mar 28, 2021 | Health, News

Overusing hand sanitizers can be dangerous to your health in many ways. For the most part, you want to use warm water and soap to clean your hands. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer should be a last resort. Read on to find out why overusing hand sanitizer is dangerous and how to avoid its negative effects.

Skin Irritation


Antiseptic products disinfect your skin. They use a formula with alcohol mixed with many other chemicals. The alcohol can cause skin irritation and dryness, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Ideally, you want to wash your hands with soap and warm water to kill any microbes. You should only use an alcohol-based sanitizer when you cannot wash your hands. After using sanitizer, be sure to moisturize your hands to prevent skin damage. Check with your dermatologist to find the ideal brand for your skin type. 

Broken and Dry Skin

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can dry and damage your skin. The damage caused by the alcohol increases your risk of getting dermatitis. 

Prevent skin damage by washing your hands with warm water and soap whenever possible. These cleaning products are readily available at home, allowing you to avoid using hand sanitizer. Moisturize your hands after washing them to keep your skin healthy. Consult your doctor for advice on which brand of moisturizer to buy.

Antibiotic Resistance


You’ll find many products such as body wash, soap, and fluoride toothpaste filled with many chemicals on their labels. These chemicals can be dangerous because they can help bacteria develop antibiotic resistance. The new bacteria can create illnesses for you that are difficult to treat. The more you use these products, the higher the chances that pathogens around you will develop antibiotic resistance.

Ask your doctors what chemicals create antibiotic-resistant bacteria and read every label of the hand sanitizer you buy. Do the same for your soaps, shower creams, and toothpaste to be safe. 

Harmful Undisclosed Ingredients


You’ll find that many hand sanitizers on the market contain chemical fragrances. The manufacturers use these fragrances to hide the smell of sanitizer. They may not disclose the fragrances in the labels you can read. These fragrances may cause you skin irritation and hormonal changes. 

It’s best to ask a doctor which ingredients are harmful and to read labels when you buy hand sanitizers. You should also ask your doctor which brands of hand sanitizer are safe. 

Weaken Immune System


Staying in a very clean environment as a child can weaken your immune system. Children are often exposed to pathogens when they go outside, which helps them develop a stronger immune system. Using hand sanitizer too often can lead your kids to get more allergies and hay fever later in life. 

Make sure not to overuse hand sanitizer for your kids. You can try getting them a dog as a safer way to expose them to certain germs that can help build up their immune system. 

In conclusion, overusing hand sanitizer can expose you to skin irritation, broken and dry skin, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, harmful undisclosed ingredients, and a weakened immune system. You should only use hand sanitizer as a last resort when there is no soap and water available.

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